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OOC &diams Relationships

Because I am all about bandwagons. And being fashionably late at hopping on them. OKAY. Now that I've figured out wtf I'm doing with this, if you feel that your character needs to be on here, go ahead and comment.

ALSO. I now have some videos embedded where Gallifrey is talked about and shown a bit, if anyone was interested in listening/seeing it. Also, David Tennant has a fantastic voice :3

Now that that's done... ON TO THE RELATIONSHIPS.


[livejournal.com profile] grab_my_bells - He still strikes her as the type to tease no matter the situation, but she has started to see that he really, truly cares for Youth and--perhaps by extension, perhaps not--the other members of their 'family.' There seem to be issues between Genius and Bell right now, stemming from Youth's death during the Adstringendum Wilderness. That seems to have calmed down, thankfully; Fred is glad they're friendly toward each other again.
Youth has stated several times that Stoneface knows Bell's name; why he has not gone to ask is anyone's guess, since he hasn't said. Fred, Youth, Genius and some others spent some time trying to guess Bell's name, and got plastered with 'hi! my name is' stickers for their troubles. They took it for the warning it is.

[livejournal.com profile] bloody_pens - Despite his relatively flippant ways over the journal, he truly cares for Genius--and he seemed very happy to see her writing after she had come back from death. She likes him... and still intends to help him with the printing press idea, though she no longer really remembers which one of them had it or how they found out about the press in the Post Office in the first place.
She is glad he seems to have recovered from the bout of depression he went through after learning Promise was his child, helped by the fact that Promise herself has returned; she's glad he takes such joy in being a father, and thinks he is quite a good one, really
He has also recovered his true name recently, and announced it via the journals; she has decided to call him by his last name, 'Castle.'
Fred has recently grown somewhat concerned about the amount of alcohol Castle is actually drinking, but not enough to do anything about it. Yet.

[livejournal.com profile] man_genius - Still a source of endless pings, but they have grown closer. He tends to 'spaz' a lot, and she worries about him a bit. One of the main reasons she feels guilty about her death (other than the fact that it was her fault, of course) is that it obviously distressed Genius greatly. She worries about him, especially due to the way he just fell apart after Youth's death.
He knows his true name but chooses not to go by it, like Fred.
She attended his birthday party in the bar, and is somewhat embarrassed that he not only saw her decidedly tipsy, but declared it 'looked good' on her. Of course, somewhat more embarrassing are her rather vague memories of later in the evening, which seem to mostly consist of her clinging to him a great deal.
Pings for the Eighth Doctor's mannerisms and exuberance

[livejournal.com profile] spandexisyouth - A very... enthusiastic person. He and Genius are just about tied in her platonic affections--and sometimes in how much they both annoy her! But she appreciates his steadfast enthusiasm and optimism. Hopefully she'll never find out what he did during the Attack of the Memory-Wiping Skank, her opinion of him would probably fall a little... though she would probably understand why he felt he had to do it. When he died, Fred really saw for the first time just how close their little family had become. His death affected them all deeply--even if Fred was completely in denial about it. She was too relieved he's back to be mad at him.
Since the disappearance of Ghost, Youth contacted Fred and a handful of others, and invited them to join the resistance cell he was forming. Fred agreed readily, both because she is truly sick of this place mucking them about, but also because she wants to help him. Hopefully if they're very careful, no one will get hurt or killed; but even if they are, Fred privately thinks that wouldn't be so bad. They're doing it for the best cause imaginable, after all.
He recovered his name recently, and like Castle, announced it to all; she will work to remember to call him 'Gai,' though she thinks that 'Youth' fits him quite well so it may be difficult at first.
She ran into him during Genius and Castle's birthday at the bar; he noted within moments that she was quite a bit more that just tipsy, though she didn't believe him. He also got her home at the end of the night, but she doesn't remember that part.
Recently spoke to her about one of the unreachable islands, the Library. He expressed concern that she would end up dying from the knowledge; she assured him she would be as careful as she could (add more when QL is done).
Some pings for the Fourth Doctor's enthusiasm here.

[livejournal.com profile] live_ringer - A bit jumpy, but he adapts to strange situations well. Seems very nice. His accent somewhat pings her, since it is Irish and she has an English accent. He 'bought' her during the date auction, and they spent a lovely evening getting chased by giant golf balls then went out to dinner. After all this time, he totally counts as one of the harem spamily. Besides that, he's Bell's brother. Genius mentioned on the journals the other day that he thought 'Fred liked Gene'; and while Fred had at one point told Boss that Gene was her boyfriend, she hadn't realized that anyone but him might think that was the truth. She will have to think about how to handle this... hopefully, Gene isn't also under that misconception.
She also ran into him during Genius and Castle's birthday party, but she barely remembers anything about the encounter--just that she did run into him, somehow managed to end up wearing her drink, and he tried to help her clean up a bit. Other than that, her memory of the encounter is distinctly muddled.
She was disturbed to realize that she actually does like the look of him bare-chested, when she saw him (his twin brother, actually, but they look identical) shirtless in a recent dreamshare event.
He recently spoke to her about the unreachable islands (add more when QL is done).


[livejournal.com profile] ghost_of_00 - Very quiet. Unusual hair color; a light blueish. 'Sibling' to Innovator (who vanished). She came to get her from the Wilderness, which Fred is embarrassed she had to do; but still, 00 came to get Fred. She's a nice person, and seems very curious. She asks a lot of introspective questions on the journals. Fred is currently living in her house in Section 3, which is a complete reversal from their original living situation. Shares a room with 00, and her Scavenger work is in a corner of the living room.

[livejournal.com profile] handy_psychic - Met him in the buffet Wilderness--he introduced her to tacos. His robotic dog seems familiar. Friendly guy, impossible not to like. Now her boss, and the boss of all the Scavengers. She was a bit worried about him when he and Sky disappeared into the Elevator, and very pleased he returned.

[livejournal.com profile] darcyredux - 00 invited him to stay at their house, which Fred didn't mind a bit--she likes having people about the place. She's actually rather encouraged by this sign, since it shows 00 is thinking for herself and showing initiative. Doesn't know much about Composer yet--he borrowed clothing from her when he woke up in a woman's body. He also baked her a cake for her cocoon day--it wasn't that great, but it was edible, and she ate it because he had obviously worked very hard to make it and was so very pleased to give her something. He seems a very nice person.

[livejournal.com profile] redhead_rabbit - A good person, if a little clumsy. Helped her carry some things back to her house once. Likes coffee but can be encouraged to drink tea, likes history. Another friend of Youth's. Fred 'bought' him during the auction, they had cake and Fred told him about her world. He seemed fascinated... her opinion of him has gone up. (OOC Note: should do more with)

[livejournal.com profile] ice_echani - Has commented on Fred's entries. Fred knows Handmaiden saved her life. I don't think they have ever actually met, other then when Fred was on the verge of passing out from blood loss. Fred finally met her in person, after Handmaiden had one of Fred's memories, and wanted to let her know.

[livejournal.com profile] reckless_rebel - They first met because he was a friend of Roswell's. Fred had his dream during Revolving Reveries, and is rather embarrassed that she didn't realize it was his dream right away. But since the dream directly led to her learning about P/Raise, and it had Roswell in it, she's happy she received it. She has invited him to stay at her house in the aftermath of discovering that Cross and Code had vanished, and even offered to make him cookies. She end up cooking him dinner, too. Hasn't heard much from him lately; she's starting to get a bit worried. He's been reported as gone. As one of the last links between her and Roswell, she is somewhat sad to see him go, but somewhat too numb to vanishings at this point to be anything but moderately sad.
She was positively delighted when she saw his journal entry, to the point where she got a little emotional and cried a tiny bit. He was a ray of hope after the hell that was the past few months, along with Cross.

[livejournal.com profile] crownofsnow - Taught her how to play poker, helped keep her company when she was forced to do nothing but rest. Very polite and friendly. He's now arranging First Aid lessons. Fred approves. She'll probably at least look in on them, maybe participate, though she didn't comment on his entry about them. Vanished.
As with Dash, she was delighted to see Cross return, though less emotional as she had less of a connection to Cross. But still, the simple fact that they're both back, memories of Edensphere intact... it's a good open, she hopes.

[livejournal.com profile] earth_uninstall - Seems very concerned about his vanished friends. One of whom is a dog? Unusual hair color; purple. Also Fred has experienced one of his memories she's a Meister by proxy, lol. He has threatened her life because of this, but Fred isn't too worried about it. It wasn't like she was about to tell everyone about this memory after all. Though it might cause trouble down the line, if other Meisters who read her entry want to talk to her about the memory...
Pings her for the Time Lords, with his talk of 'impartial third parties' and trying to help set up this ruling body-thing. Also his disapproval of her, and being such a stuffed shirt about everything.
MISSING, proclaimed gone. Fred has mixed feelings about this, but mostly wants him to come back.

[Bad username or site: interveningly" @ livejournal.com] - When she first saw his writing on the journals, it had been so long since she'd seen similar handwriting that she didn't recognize it. But she recognized him when she saw him... after her 'twin' had finished her gruesome butchery of his face and body. She doesn't know what to do about it, really, other than apologize to him at the earliest opportunity.


[livejournal.com profile] crowsloveapples - He gave her Salyaven (her dog). He seems a nice enough kid, if a bit shy; Fred was relieved that he was easy to interact with, since she had been a bit worried that she wasn't sure how to talk with kids.

[livejournal.com profile] proudambassador - Another person with two hearts! She's met him a few times, once when he was trapped in a tower, Rapunzel-style, and once when she was in the body of the 9th Doctor and he looked like Rassilon. He's rather strange to her, since he has two hearts but she is quite certain he is not a Gallifreyan. No idea what he is, really, but she would be most interested in speaking with him again.

[livejournal.com profile] felinemystique - Owner of the clothing shop, Fred met her once when buying clothes oddly enough. She also is the captain of the Guard, and commented on Fred's journal, welcoming her back to life. Fred was rather touched by this gesture.

[livejournal.com profile] esoteric_rose - A very pretty man. Also a good artist. Fred and he are starting to become friends, after their rather rocky start involving chainsaws. Fred really ought to have tea or something with him more often. (OOC Note: really should do more with)

[livejournal.com profile] weaver_girl - She knitted Fred a scarf recently, in exchange for finding a hairpin in the Scavengers' Yard. Fred is very grateful to her, because even if it isn't the real Doctor's scarf, it's close enough. Kagerou is a good person, and very sweet. Fred heard she died, and was rather sad about it. She was very glad when Kagerou returned, though she has yet to see or really talk to the girl since she came back.

[livejournal.com profile] stonyfaced - Commented on Fred's journal once. She knows he's trying to start a police force in Edensphere, and she has mixed emotions about that. He died, was murdered; even more mixed emotions. He is now captain of the Watch. She's keeping an eye on any journal entries he makes. And now he's trying to set up a government... no idea how to feel about that, but at least the whole thing seems like they're trying to make it fair for everyone involved.
Thus far, the Justice system (c wat i did thar? hurr hurr) seems to be working well enough, so Fred has stopped viewing the persons trying to start it with so much suspicion.


Most of the people she talks to over the journals. She will most likely remember their handwriting and name, but doesn't really have much of an opinion about them.

[livejournal.com profile] crimsonmischief - Eh, not a whole lot to say about this one--she met him while he was trapped in a slide, and being bombarded by dodgeballs. Not the best way to meet someone... she helped him escape, and he persuaded her to let him take her out for a drink. She thought he was somewhat charming, in a rugged way, but he didn't exactly stick in her mind.
She met him again a few different times during Genius and Castle's birthday party; he gave her an alcoholic ice cream float the first time, and she vaguely recalls playing some sort of video game with him later on in the evening.


Miles Edgeworth - She discovered this name in the Post Office... but she no longer remembers that. She found the paper with this written on it where she left her journal. She has no idea who left it there, or any clue who the name might belong to, or what it might signify. She's figured out that 'Edgeworth' appears to be Justice's real name, but is unsure what to do about it. She is willing to wait for an opportunity to talk to him to present itself because the mun no longer has any idea what to do with this potential plot thing, arrrrg.

...but not forgotten...

[livejournal.com profile] yourealrightnow - Housemate and best friend. Also good at seeking out trouble. He worries her, but the only thing she feels she can do about it is helping him however she can. That way, she can maybe get him out of whatever trouble he finds himself in. Pings her hard for the Doctor. HAS BEEN MISSING SINCE THE FIRE. Fred was resigned to wait for his return, but it's been over a year; she thinks he probably isn't coming back.

[livejournal.com profile] doctorears - Someone very important to her, and very familiar. But she doesn't know why--he doesn't look familiar, he only feels familiar in her head. They think they may have known each other somehow from before Edensphere. He gave her the first hints about regenerations when they first met each other. HAS BEEN MISSING SINCE THE FIRE. But he isn't dead, he's just... gone on to the next adventure. Because a universe without the Doctor scarcely bears thinking about. She will wait for him, as long as she has to; even if over a year is longer than she ever thought she would have to wait.

[livejournal.com profile] xsmithereensx - Got hurt during the Roswell's bar-explosion. She seems like a good person, and Fred wouldn't mind getting to know her better. MISSING. Her journal was found in the Library; presumed gone/dead.

[livejournal.com profile] notpaid2dodge - Very quiet. Really doesn't like being touched. She's rather upset that he actually died to save her life, even though he probably doesn't know she's the one he saved; she feels like she's in his debt. She's helped him and some of the other Meisters attempt to re-build a Gundam when the Wilderness was a Moon Base.

[livejournal.com profile] subject_e0057 - She understands he is two people (even if she doesn't understand that his Praise-self is rather dangerous), and this gives her good pings for Time Lords and such. She is slightly baffled as to how both of them can use the same body without quite knowing why this particular thing baffles her. He seems to like her, at least enough to worry about her.
MISSING, proclaimed gone. Fred is quite sad about this, especially since he was the only person she knew of who had more than one self. He came back briefly, but vanished again soon after.

[livejournal.com profile] all_ur_forks - A 2-meter-tall cat that talks. Huh. Also pings her for the lol I forgot the name...Tharils?, a lion-like race she encountered in the past. She sacrificed everything in order to stay behind and help them, though she had ulterior motives at the time as well; therefore, she has mixed feelings about Shoanji. Vanished.

[livejournal.com profile] steelobjections - She doesn't know him very well yet, but she thinks he seems like a good person. She has recently been helping him with paperwork and filing; he knows his real name, and asked everyone to call him by it. Vanished.

[livejournal.com profile] godsmajesty - He was nice enough to fix her house, that's always going to get you on Fred's 'awesome' list. Also did something really weird to get the tree branch out of her bathroom; Fred would say 'magic', but that's not real. Vanished.

[livejournal.com profile] sassyandpink - Pinky is now living, at least for the moment, at the house Fred and Roswell shared. Actually roommates with Fred; 00 and Innovator have the other room. Vanished.

[livejournal.com profile] white_disciple - Almost painfully polite, and eager to help a stranger. Fellow Scavenger. She expressed concern during Fred's bad spell, which Fred appreciates though she never got round to thanking Seren properly. Seren gave her some stationary from the Mall Wilderness; Fred wants to repay her somehow, but she doesn't know how. Vanished.

[livejournal.com profile] therealplan - Very polite, well spoken. Charismatic. Fred still isn't sure why she invited him to live with her, save that she had the room. Unusual hair color; yellowish-green. Currently living in Fred's house. 'Sibling' to 00. Vanished.

[livejournal.com profile] desig_survivor - Saved her from the swamp. Claims to be non-human, or at least non-Earthian; a sure-fire way to grab Fred's interest. He seems very active over the journals. He and Fred were re-born together after getting killed by Paladin's evil twin, so he is now her 'brother.' Reported missing; never turned up, confirmed vanished.

[livejournal.com profile] datswhatshesaid - He met her during the party and hit on her log was never finished but I think we can assume there was snark and Fred came out of it disliking him, but apparently forgot her entirely before he saw her again, where she promptly pretended to be Gene's girlfriend to avoid getting hit on again. She was dismayed he was Derrick and Genius' pet roommate for a time, and is overjoyed he isn't anymore; she's willing to be amused by him again, now that there is little to no potential for having to deal with him in person. But she still doesn't like him much. She hasn't seen or heard much of him, lately; he's recently been reported gone. She's not sure what to make of it, other than rather pleased he won't be making trouble anymore.

[livejournal.com profile] all_blue_prince - Met him during the time the Wilderness was Adstringendum, and accompanied him down there. His reaction to learning she was a woman was the funniest Fred has seen so far, though she was a little worried at first that she'd made him angry at her. Reported missing, unconfirmed.
[livejournal.com profile] blacklegcook - He's turned up again, with a different name and apparently remembering nothing of his time here. Fred has spoken to him occasionally over the journals, but they have yet to meet in person--at least in part because Fred actually likes having a reasonable conversation with him without him spazzing all over her (because of her name, he thinks she's a guy). She is both looking forward to meeting him in person, since the reaction should be rather spectacular, and dreading it a bit, since he will then be silly about talking to her and such.
She met him during the dance event, and agreed to help him in the kitchen for the duration of said event. However, she lied to him a bit, telling him only her true name, Romana, so that she could continue talking to him via the journals as Fred. Perhaps this will come back to haunt her, but too late now.
Reported vanished, by Sniper. Too bad; she was rather getting to like him, this time.

[livejournal.com profile] ledouche_zero - She helped him remember how to play chess, and he made her work for her eventual win. He interests her a bit, and so she gave him an open invitation to her house, if he ever wants to play chess again. She hasn't seen him in a while, can't remember if he was reported gone. She's assuming he is.