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{Twenty-eight (56)} &diams I know the pieces fit / 'Cause I watched them fall away

This is becoming intolerable. I do not require padding to leave my house; nor do I require warnings for sharp objects, food, or beverages. If I am expected to put up with this for the remainder of this week, I may very well scream.

And to whomever is scribbling 'EXTERMINATE' everywhere, I would greatly appreciate it if you stopped. Immediately.

[Pen taps.]

Gai. I forgot to ask earlier, what with everything that happened. Did the toaster I helped you to find work, or did you need another?

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It is all right, but the temperature setting is finicky. If you had time for another hunt for a good one, I would be glad of the company! But first you should come over to my house to meet someone again.
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Splendid, I am glad to hear it!

Yes! I think he would like to meet people again.
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He has a new name now. But before he was known as Lotus.

I am trying not to overwhelm him too much. Because there are a lot of people to meet. But he is back!

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It's odd, isn't it. I feel that I've seen that word somewhere, but can't really tell why.

But you're right. This padding is intolerable.

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That seems to be exactly what I felt. It was like deja vu, but it was more like striving to grasp something on the outskirts of my memory.

It's certainly entertaining.

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That's annoying. Either it should give us answers or it shouldn't.

[There's a pause] Do you mind if I ask you a question?

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Well, that's very rude.

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Definitely not.

Who are we supposed to exterminate, anyway?
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I know that it can be futile to wonder at the reasoning behind these whims, but I believe the Tree is doing far more harm than good.

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At least it won't last! For now, we just have to remind ourselves of that.

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Yes, and I'll take harmless over something that ends with people being hatched again.

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I like to look for the silver-lining. We'll drive ourselves crazy if we constantly look for the negatives. ...even if we have to most of time.

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You got hit with the safety gear too?

Well at least it's fitting on you.

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I bet you do. I wish I had a camera.

Well and unaffected. You? Besides the extra padding.