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{Twenty-three (51)} &diams

[The writing is small, and very delicate, in modified all caps.]



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Fr Romana?

I don't know about the clothing but... just how small of a doll-size are we talking about?
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Damn. Ah... if you can't find any doll's clothes you might be able to swing something with a handkerchief.
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Maybe if you asked one of the kids here, like--[oh, who would play with dolls... maybe Krile's 'sister'?]--Sailor Moon?

Barring that, someone around here has to know how to sew.
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There you go, then. Here's hoping Juliet has a steady hand when it comes to the smaller stuff.

[A pause and then.] And be careful in the snow, hm? I've never experienced being fae before, but I imagine that's not too kind on the wings.
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What happened?

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Do you need assistance? [well looks like Gai is taking care of clothes, so.] Different nutritional requirements?
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Is there a toy store in the bazaar? I can check the shops that tend to have remnants from the Wildernesses.

Today's Wilderness is not one to raid, though. It is a battle.
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I will go look now, then. If you are very small you could use washcloths in the meantime, wrapped around you? How big are you?
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How big would pants need to be? Or small? If you are using a washcloth, eight inches? Or a foot?
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heehee. To quicklog, or should he just drop them off for her?

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I shall.

[Gai shows up at her house with several different clothed dolls, from a couple of Barbies to a Cabbage Patch Doll.]
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[He'd considered knocking, but then Gai realized that if Genius had trouble with the door, Fred certainly would.]

I am coming in, Fred.

[Calling would suffice, and Gai was glad to find the door unlocked. He didn't see her in the entry area.]

Fred? Are you in here? I have... dolls. That are dressed. So their clothes can be used.
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Fred! You glitter!

[Obviously this was the most important part of Fred's transformation.]

You could make the journals glitter! Or you could collect sparkles and sell them.

[As he spoke, Gai was already putting aside the dolls that were too big and picking the ones that seemed fitting. In a matter of moments there's a small selection of outfits, from dresses to pants and tops. And plastic shoes.]

They have brushes. Why do dolls come with brushes? But here. These may fit.
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Quicklog - He thought Fred might know why.

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[Patiently he waits as she goes through it, hoping he'd found anything that would work. Gai couldn't recall what others did the last time this happened. Stoneface had taken a ride on his shoulder, and he still didn't know what all his boss had gone through to get anything. It had to have been harder, too. There hadn't been many male dolls. After a few moments he carefully cleared his throat.]

Are they not going to work? I could... try to find other options? I did not go through the entire Bazaar. There could be other shops. I will do what I can. You do not have to worry about asking for more if it does not work.

[Gai gives her what's meant to be an encouraging smile. He's sure he can find something if he tries hard enough.]
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Quicklog - Aye.

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Oh! Yes. You will need to be able to fly.

[Gai reached down, to the small pouch on his belt and pulled out a knife as if it was nothing to just carry around weaponry. To him it wasn't anything. He gently took the jacket from her, lifting it to compare where the wings on her back were. With a nod, Gai quickly made two slits.]

This should work. If you point out what else you need slit like that, I can work on them and look away while you try things on.
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[He had more than a few knives on him at all times. Not only did he feel right when he had them, the Sphere was a dangerous place. As he and Bell were doing more digging, it was a good idea to be armed at all times. ...Even if they could be taken out by the tree itself. There really was no way to fight a branch.]

Of course!

[A few minutes later all of the tops she'd picked had careful slits made in them. Gai spoke without looking over there.]

Here we go! Are those big enough for your wings? I erred on the side of caution because it is easy to cut a bit more.
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[Gai turned back around, looking and nodding at seeing her in the air. Good. She would be able to get around. Everything else, though... he wondered what all she could do.]


[He carefully handed them over.]

Would you like me to get you water in... something? Or would you like anything? It must be very hard to deal with...

[He waved a hand in the general direction of the house.]

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I am glad to hear it!

[He could indeed hear the smile, and the laughter too.]

It is not trouble for me to help you. I enjoy assisting! But if you are sure you are set then I will be on my way.
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Call me if you need any other assistance, Fred. I like to be here for my friends.

[And with that, if there's nothing else, Gai is off... stopping at the door.]

Should I leave the door open? Or a window?
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Re: Quicklog - fail tag, orz

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[Gai nods and opens the window enough for Fred to use it, but not so much that Aven can get away.]

There! And do not hesitate to say something if you need anything else.


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Are you trying to make us go blind?