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{Twenty-two (50)} &diams Audio Memory

[The radio clicks on. At first, there is nothing but a distant mechanic hum of some machine running in the background.

Then the voices start. One of them is obviously Fred's, and the rest are metalic, inhuman. There could be as many as three, but it's hard to say since they sound so like each other with only the tiniest of differences from voice to voice. (The Daleks are in colors, Fred is black)]

"Answer! Answer! Answer!"

There was a definite note of terror in Fred's voice as she responded to the harsh demand. "I don't know the answer, please leave me alone!"

"Detector indicates truthful response."

"We will continue."

"You will not remove your hand from the sensor!"

The faint sound of flesh slapping against a hard surface can be heard.

"Statement: your purpose in coming here was to sabatoge Dalek opperations. True or false."

"I don't know anything about the Daleks." Fred sounded a little less scared than before, but her voice wobbled in the middle of the sentence. It was hard to tell what emotion she was feeling from voice alone.

"Answer true or false! Answer! Answer! Answer!"

Fred shouts her response, fear once again clear in her voice. "False! False!"

"Detector indicates truthful response."

"Statement: you are in the employ of a space-power, and have been sent here to spy on the Daleks. True or false."

"False, false, false! Leave me alone." Fred's voice ends in a deep sobbing noise. The sobbing continues as the metallic voices speak over it.

"Detector indicates truthful response."

"Standard interrogation complete. Report analysis of responses.

"Analysis of responses indicates that subject is category 9."

"Category 9 subjects represent no threat to Dalek security. Release the prisoner."

The mechanical hum in the background slowly fades to nothing, leaving Fred's deep sighs of relief clearly audible. After a moment, she speaks again, her voice calmer now, almost normal. "Does that mean I can go?"

"Humanoids are useful work machines, you have no other value. You will be assigned to Labor Force Two."

Fred's voice sounds puzzled as she murmurs, "Labor force tw--"

"You will obey all Dalek commands instantly. You will complete your work schedule. If you fail, you will be exterminated!"

"Obey all Dalek commands!"

"Obey instantly!"

"Obey without question! Obey!"

"Obey!" "Obey!" "Obey!" "Obey!" "Obey!" "Obey!" "Obaaaaaaay!"

[The radio feed cuts out here. The brief silence that follows is soon filled with a small dog's hysterical barking, and if you listen closely, the faint sounds of rapid, shallow breathing.]

[[ooc: This memory happens at night, around... 9:30-10ish, fyi]]
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...Fred? Is that the past or is it now? Are you all right?
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lol. Never enough icons, alas.

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I see. Are you all right? Do you need anything or want anything?
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Please do, Fred. You never have to ask.
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You are always welcome, Fred. Especially at our house, especially when you are in need.

and yes the typo was intentional

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[And now Tribble is matching Aven's barks with his own]

Gah. Fed?!? [Someone was sleeping and knocked out of bed by the sounds of biffy shouting and crying]
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[There's a very soft 'quiet Tribble'and the barking stops before Genius speaks]

I--what? No, its only what? 9ish? Who sleeps that early?

[He does when he's emotionally exhausted and still bummed that Stellaris is avoiding him at work wait what? He did not just almost yawn into the radio.]

More importantly--are you ok? That was terrifying! THOSE are DALEKS? Those stupid looking robots?!

They hurt you.

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Hey. [Long pause.] You ok?
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Fr--[He was just on the edge of sleep when he heard this, so it takes a moment to remember that he promised to use the other name.] Romana, what the... ?
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Which means those bastards going on about the Daleks aren't here.

[Said matter-of-factly. He suspects it helps to hear others say the fact that the danger isn't present.]
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Man, I feel like Fred's talked to him about Daleks, but don't remember if the word was used. :|9

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Not surprising, considering how concerned they were with Dalek security. Though they seem to have something against self-referencing pronouns.

[A small pause, then.] I'd ask if you're all right, but it seems the others have that covered.

[Still, it's reassuring to hear she's calmed some.]
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Good to know!

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I'll just bet that it did. Damn.
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Fred, respond.

[her voice is sharp and urgent--the only reason she's using the radio is that she's still getting out of bed.]
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[there's a sound of putting on clothes.]

Do you need anything? I can make comforting food.

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[00 walks out quickly into the kitchen, getting out the makings of hot chocolate with all the precision and urgency as if she was undertaking a mission like the one she heard in her memory. The only difference is that she's wearing a sweatshirt over her pajamas rather than a plugsuit.

She looks around for Fred as she does so. It's obvious that the memory was terrifying, and Fred still sounded distressed over the radio.]
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[00 takes careful note of Fred's state when she comes into the kitchen. She notices Aven's agitation as well. That doesn't seem like a good sign.

She watches the microwave as the mug spins around inside, conscious that her impatience is pointless. A second is a second, however much she wants it to pass quicker.]

You're welcome.

[She continues to watch Fred, wondering what she can say or do to comfort her. The Fred in the memory was obviously terrified. The Fred at the table is scared too, even though there is no danger here. 00 can't offer reassurance that she'll protect Fred from Daleks if they arrive in Edensphere, either. Her experience with the zombies showed quite clearly that her combat abilities are inadequate for such a task.]

[So she concentrates on making the cocoa and sets it down in front of Fred, sitting across from her.]

I think this will help.
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[00 watches her face for a moment, then stares at the mug. She wants very much for Fred not to be frightened. It was a memory. The circumstances of it don't affect her now. But memories are... distressing. There is no way to know if Fred escaped from the Daleks, or if she eventually failed to complete her work schedule and was exterminated.

And 00 doesn't think that saying any of this aloud will be helpful. But Fred has always been good to her. She is a kind person, even if 00 doesn't understand her connections with others. But she feels she doesn't have enough information to comfort her.]

I don't think there are any Daleks here.
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[00 looks at her, somewhat surprised. There have been a great deal of traumatic and disastrous incidents in the Sphere. 00 herself was born during the aftermath of one.

But Fred changes the subject after she sips the drink. 00 decides to follow the new thread of conversation. She isn't sure what else to do. But it takes her another moment to think about it.]

I've been well. [pause.] I don't talk very much.

[She's aware of that fact about herself. Fred shouldn't find it odd.]
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[00 considers this for a moment.]

We eat dinner together. And we live in the same space.

[But maybe that isn't sufficient? 00 has visited playgrounds, the Wilderness, and gone to a party with others, even if her daily routine doesn't vary a great deal.]

What do you do with the other people that are important to you?
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[For 00, having social connections--friendships--is still something that feels strange. Even though it's been over a year, she's reluctant to venture out into the deep end of the socialization pool without some metaphorical foam noodles. She's simply happy that she has these bonds.]

I've heard that term.

[She could get the hang of video games, though the value would still be in who she was playing with. At the suggestion of walking, 00 tries to think of things along a similar line.]

We could visit the Aquarium. The sea life is interesting to watch. [...] Can you swim?
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[The smile is good. 00 is glad to see it.]

It is interesting.

When the seasons change, we can swim in the lake.

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[Ben opens his mouth, and there's that easily missed almost-speaks-but-doesn't noise as he changes his mind, having heard other people talking to her.]

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Fred, do you need anything? I'm coming home...

[identity profile] darcyredux.livejournal.com 2011-01-30 02:27 am (UTC)(link)
I'm coming regardless, so the best thing you can do is say yes.