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{Twenty-two (50)} &diams Audio Memory

[The radio clicks on. At first, there is nothing but a distant mechanic hum of some machine running in the background.

Then the voices start. One of them is obviously Fred's, and the rest are metalic, inhuman. There could be as many as three, but it's hard to say since they sound so like each other with only the tiniest of differences from voice to voice. (The Daleks are in colors, Fred is black)]

"Answer! Answer! Answer!"

There was a definite note of terror in Fred's voice as she responded to the harsh demand. "I don't know the answer, please leave me alone!"

"Detector indicates truthful response."

"We will continue."

"You will not remove your hand from the sensor!"

The faint sound of flesh slapping against a hard surface can be heard.

"Statement: your purpose in coming here was to sabatoge Dalek opperations. True or false."

"I don't know anything about the Daleks." Fred sounded a little less scared than before, but her voice wobbled in the middle of the sentence. It was hard to tell what emotion she was feeling from voice alone.

"Answer true or false! Answer! Answer! Answer!"

Fred shouts her response, fear once again clear in her voice. "False! False!"

"Detector indicates truthful response."

"Statement: you are in the employ of a space-power, and have been sent here to spy on the Daleks. True or false."

"False, false, false! Leave me alone." Fred's voice ends in a deep sobbing noise. The sobbing continues as the metallic voices speak over it.

"Detector indicates truthful response."

"Standard interrogation complete. Report analysis of responses.

"Analysis of responses indicates that subject is category 9."

"Category 9 subjects represent no threat to Dalek security. Release the prisoner."

The mechanical hum in the background slowly fades to nothing, leaving Fred's deep sighs of relief clearly audible. After a moment, she speaks again, her voice calmer now, almost normal. "Does that mean I can go?"

"Humanoids are useful work machines, you have no other value. You will be assigned to Labor Force Two."

Fred's voice sounds puzzled as she murmurs, "Labor force tw--"

"You will obey all Dalek commands instantly. You will complete your work schedule. If you fail, you will be exterminated!"

"Obey all Dalek commands!"

"Obey instantly!"

"Obey without question! Obey!"

"Obey!" "Obey!" "Obey!" "Obey!" "Obey!" "Obey!" "Obaaaaaaay!"

[The radio feed cuts out here. The brief silence that follows is soon filled with a small dog's hysterical barking, and if you listen closely, the faint sounds of rapid, shallow breathing.]

[[ooc: This memory happens at night, around... 9:30-10ish, fyi]]

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