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burnt_orangesky ([personal profile] burnt_orangesky) wrote2011-01-12 06:02 pm

{Twenty (48)} ♦ ES: The Musical

[The feed cuts in on... water, then there's a dull, hollow sound.] Ow. [Apparently Fred just managed to run into something. There's relative silence for a short time, filled with the sound of the shower running... and then Fred starts humming a low, hauntingly melodic tune. Either it doesn't have words, or she chooses not to sing them. After a moment, she breaks off mid-hum to say something.]

Oh bloody hell... we're out of shampoo. [There's the strangled gasping sound of the last drops being squeezed out of a plastic container] Right... suppose it's my turn to go shopping again...

[She starts humming again, a different song this time. Then she starts singing the words, more enthusiastically then very well... but she does manage to hit all the right notes.]

...in the kitchen with Dinah,
Someone's in the kitchen I knowowowow~
Someone's in the kitchen with Di~nah!
Strummin' on the old banjo
And singing
Fe, fie, fiddleaiai,
Fe fie fiddleiooo...

[And the radio cuts out again.]

[[ooc: The first song is some Time Lord lullaby she half-remembers. I have no idea what it actually sounds like, lol.]]

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