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How's my driving? / Permissions

First dreamSecond dream

First memorySecond memoryThird memoryFourth memoryFifth memory

Am I doing something you don't agree with?

Have any suggestions, and know where I should stick 'em?

Just want to say 'Great job!'?

Want to post gratuitous spam?

But seriously, if you have an issue with anything I am doing, anything at all, post here. I promise not to get huffy about it, and take what crit you give seriously.
Flaming will, of course, be ignored, and though it might be unscreened if it is lulzy. Just saying.

Comments are screened, anon comments are a go, and IP logging should be off. My inbox always needs more love, so don't worry about that!

This is now a permissions post too.

Threadhopping with this character?: Hell, yes. She's not part of the Spamily for nothing... threadhopping/jacking is totally alright. Expect her to read the hell out of whatever you're saying even if she is not being directly addressed.

Backtagging with this character?: Please do! If I end up dropping your thread/log, that's probably because I'm a silly person with a short attention span... feel free to poke me relentlessly until I start tagging you again.

Hugging/Glomping/Kissing this character?: ...sure. But there will be awkward, unless she knows your character quite well... and sometimes even then.

Something more intimate?: Doubtful, very very doubtful. In fact, at this time I really can't see it happening.

Relationships?: Romantic ones? Far more likely. I'm not sure how this might come about, but I'm not ruling it out anyway.

Injury?: Yes. This is always an option, but I'd appreciate a little prior warning ^_^

Death?: Only for a VERY GOOD REASON (which at this point amounts to 'tree shanking'), and expect her to come back and probably be annoyed at whoever killed her unless the evil twins came back again or she lost her memory baaaw.

Is there anything you do not want mentioned near this character?: Nah, it's all good.

ALSO. If you want to get ahold of me and I'm not on AIM and you don't want to PM me for whatever reason, feel free to say something here. Plot ideas? Want to clear up an issue with my last post? Is my HTML actually FailTML? Let me know here!

If you are not in a game with me, I would like to respectfully ask you PM me or comment here if you wish to talk to me. Chances are I'll give you my AIM name if you ask politely.
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I'm glad it got a laugh! I felt a little like Derrick, with all that spamminess.