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Whomever has been following me intermittently the past few days, your comments are irritating, highly distracting, and entirely unwarranted.

[Pen taps.] And do please stop rating my [pause] performance in the shower.
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[Her writing is rushed, a little bigger than she would normally write, in her haste to get the words down on the page.]

What the bloody hell happened while I was away?

[A slight pause, and her next writing is almost calm.]

Precisely how long have I been away?


[ooc: I'm assuming 00 was asleep when Fred got home.]
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[[ooc: Pretend this showed up around mid-morning.]]

[There's an ink splotch, like she pressed too hard with a leaky pen. When words appear, they're scrawled haphazardly across the page with none of Fred's usual penmanship.]

sorry I missed the morning session youth I ll come into work tomorrow


[There will be an IC delay before Fred replies to comments, since she got up long enough to drink some water and then stumbled right back into bed.]
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My garb appears to be composed entirely of raw meat.

[Pen taps]

I certainly hope this does not last very long. Aside from the fact that it will very soon start to smell rather horrible, I can well imagine animals will be following me about the Sphere for as long as I am forced to wear it. Aven certainly likes doing so.

That aside, did anyone else become plastered with bits of sticky paper that have 'Hi! My name is' along with varied [pause] occasionally quite rude name suggestions today?

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Has anyone seen Youth about? He was not there at the usual time to go running with me this morning.

Youth, if you see this, kindly respond.

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Across both wrists are deep cuts; the blood drips down in thin streams across her palms toward her fingers.

On her back, there are several cuts that look like stab wounds; the knife is still in one of them, and blood drips down her back from all of them. Blood will show through her clothing, corresponding with the stab wounds.

Around her throat is a collar/chain made of tiny seals of Rassilon.

ETA: Over her stomach, just under her belly button (yes Time Lords have them dagnabbit) is a circle that's been broken in half, dark blue in color. It shows through her clothing.


-Her wrists are slashed because she technically committed suicide, killing her first self
-Stab wounds are because she betrayed her best friend, banishing him for eternity to another dimension (for the good of the universe, but details)
-The collar is because she went back to Gallifrey and became the President--kiiiind of shaky ground for a 'sin' here, but she betrayed who she was, in a sense.
-The broken circle is for premarital sex.
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I suppose it is [pen taps] somewhat appropriate that my birthday be marked by a resurgence in these troublesome things; I did manage to evade being struck by rubber balls today, though it was a near thing once or twice.

Thank you for the cake, Composer, it was quite good.

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Sorry, the creatures got into my ink

Incidentally--00, Composer, do you two mind having another pet or three about the place? It would probably be only for a day or two.

[ADDED SOMETIME LATER because she just remembered it when one of the adipose babies tried to nom on it--] Ah, I don't suppose anyone is missing a clock? Pink, with 'Hello Kitty' written across the top of the time-display bit.


[[ooc: These are the creatures Fred found under her bed. Also, let's pretend I'm good at doing paint things, and that inkblot over the footprints is actually pretty.]]
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To anyone who remembers Storm, I am not he. Why this place saw fit to place me in his body, I shall never know.

...however, I do rather like the jacket.

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[This entry appears late morning. The writing is shaky and somewhat less bold than usual, as though she isn't pressing her pen into the page very firmly.]

Bridge, I am afraid I do not feel very well at all; I shall be absent from the Yard today and perhaps a few more days as well. I am not entirely sure at this time.

Youth, my apologies for not showing up at our training session this morning; I shall have to make it up later, I suppose.

Bastet, as things stand I will be unable to collect from the current Wilderness, sorry for giving you such short notice.

[Pause] Genius, would you mind stopping by at some point today?

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It would seem the strange outfits have returned once more--or I should hope so, as I do not normally wear such outrageous makeup. I most certainly do not apply makeup in my sleep, nor do I normally get dressed in my sleep, nevermind that I would not wear such a strange outfit in any case.

The coat is a rather nice colour, though the pants are a bit [Pen taps] though the swans are a bit much.


[That strikeout is scribbled out heavily right away, because really... the pants are kind of. Um. Nonexistent. Because Fred is dressed as this guy. XD]
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Whomever tied my shoelaces into a knot this morning, it was not appreciated. Kindly do not enter my room without permission again.

[Pen taps]

Rogue, are you about?

[Slight pause]

Is everyone else [very small pause] alright?

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I HOPE THAT MAKES EVEN A LITTLE SENSE. I'll take another look at it in the morning--/looks out her window.

I mean, after I've had sleep.
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[Forward dated slightly to Saturday, May 22, late morning ES time.]

After dropping Aven off in the Section 4 house Innovator had been given, Fred had gone back to their old Section 3 abode to try and find a few last things. They weren't very important, just a few bits and pieces she had found in the Scavengers' Yard, but she would have liked to find them all the same.

Unlocking the front door, Fred picked her way carefully through the living area to reach her room door, avoiding the junk strewn hither and thither across the floor. She frowned. "This place is a bloody shambles. I don't remember leaving it this much of a mess..." Well, at least if the ants had destroyed everything, she would have less to worry about moving. She was confident she could find similar things in almost no time at all; maybe she should just leave, and go offer to help out with the rebuilding.

As she turned to go, she saw light glint weakly off something half-buried in the bed. Curious, she turned back and went over to investigate.

A memory crystal. She reached out, carefully touching one of the metal rings with a finger. Not for the first time, she wondered how the things ended up in half the places people reported finding them... and this was the second one she had discovered in her bed. Very strange indeed.

Fred hesitated for a few seconds, but... the last crystal she had received had been so informative. This one might answer more questions as well. That was most likely far too much to hope for, but hoping for the best was all she could really do.

She slipped her fingers past the rings, and gently touched the crystal.

Memory )

{ooc: For the next three days, Fred will find that every so often a soothing voice will sing at her.}

{Sound/smell memory crystal from season 18, episode 3 (episode 112 overall)- Full Circle, part I.}
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Displays from so many different Earth countries--this is an odd place. It is certainly interesting enough, though the giant [pause, a few taps] golf ball adorning one of the buildings is a bit much.

If anyone happens to spot a small black and brown dog running about, his name is Aven. I would appreciate his safe return; he managed to get loose from his collar while in China.

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How very unusual.

Innovator, the packing is taking longer than I anticipated; please do not think I have forgotten your offer. My new [pen taps] 'pet' keeps distracting me.

If anyone happens to see a large Womprat trailing after me, please do not attempt to scare it away. It seems oddly [pen tap, pen tap] friendly, and quite fond of my company.

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These creatures are rather [pause] sweet, if prolific.

Wasn't someone looking for a hairpin? I found a rather nice one. I managed to get all the rust off, but one of the tines is bent. [Have a quick sketch of Kagerou's hairpin]

[A slight pause as she tries to decide which name to put]

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That [pause] could not have been merely a dream. I refuse to believe it was--that all those people, and that city, were just a part of something I dreamed up.

My true name--or part of it at least, it seems [pause] somewhat incomplete--is Romana. [Pause, pen taps] I will still answer to 'Fred,' if people feel more comfortable calling me by that name.

I see Juliet is alright. Innovator, are you also [pen taps] well?


[Written a few minutes later, after flipping back through her journal a bit]

Boss. If you come anywhere near me, I may have to hurt you.
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This morning I realized I had lost count of the days, somehow.

As of six days ago, the 19th of this month, I have been living in Edensphere for six months. Half a year. 26 weeks. [pen taps.] Perhaps I should not go on.

It seems strange to think I have been here this long.



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