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[Forward dated slightly to Saturday, May 22, late morning ES time.]

After dropping Aven off in the Section 4 house Innovator had been given, Fred had gone back to their old Section 3 abode to try and find a few last things. They weren't very important, just a few bits and pieces she had found in the Scavengers' Yard, but she would have liked to find them all the same.

Unlocking the front door, Fred picked her way carefully through the living area to reach her room door, avoiding the junk strewn hither and thither across the floor. She frowned. "This place is a bloody shambles. I don't remember leaving it this much of a mess..." Well, at least if the ants had destroyed everything, she would have less to worry about moving. She was confident she could find similar things in almost no time at all; maybe she should just leave, and go offer to help out with the rebuilding.

As she turned to go, she saw light glint weakly off something half-buried in the bed. Curious, she turned back and went over to investigate.

A memory crystal. She reached out, carefully touching one of the metal rings with a finger. Not for the first time, she wondered how the things ended up in half the places people reported finding them... and this was the second one she had discovered in her bed. Very strange indeed.

Fred hesitated for a few seconds, but... the last crystal she had received had been so informative. This one might answer more questions as well. That was most likely far too much to hope for, but hoping for the best was all she could really do.

She slipped her fingers past the rings, and gently touched the crystal.

Memory )

{ooc: For the next three days, Fred will find that every so often a soothing voice will sing at her.}

{Sound/smell memory crystal from season 18, episode 3 (episode 112 overall)- Full Circle, part I.}
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Tl;dr under the cut )
The memory )

(ooc: Fred is doomed to be stuck in this outfit for the next 5 days. Oh god.)

(Sound/Smell memory crystal taken from the audio book (not episode) Shada, part one, 18:54.)
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Fred felt no pain when the scythe first cut into her arm, just a dull sort of surprise. )

Context for this memory can be found in this log. BACKDATED to Oct. 27. This was not actually a memory given by a crystal.

(Sight/sound memory from season 17, episode 2 [episode 105 overall]- City of Death, part ?.)


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