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[This entry appears late morning. The writing is shaky and somewhat less bold than usual, as though she isn't pressing her pen into the page very firmly.]

Bridge, I am afraid I do not feel very well at all; I shall be absent from the Yard today and perhaps a few more days as well. I am not entirely sure at this time.

Youth, my apologies for not showing up at our training session this morning; I shall have to make it up later, I suppose.

Bastet, as things stand I will be unable to collect from the current Wilderness, sorry for giving you such short notice.

[Pause] Genius, would you mind stopping by at some point today?

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Whomever tied my shoelaces into a knot this morning, it was not appreciated. Kindly do not enter my room without permission again.

[Pen taps]

Rogue, are you about?

[Slight pause]

Is everyone else [very small pause] alright?

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Displays from so many different Earth countries--this is an odd place. It is certainly interesting enough, though the giant [pause, a few taps] golf ball adorning one of the buildings is a bit much.

If anyone happens to spot a small black and brown dog running about, his name is Aven. I would appreciate his safe return; he managed to get loose from his collar while in China.

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How very unusual.

Innovator, the packing is taking longer than I anticipated; please do not think I have forgotten your offer. My new [pen taps] 'pet' keeps distracting me.

If anyone happens to see a large Womprat trailing after me, please do not attempt to scare it away. It seems oddly [pen tap, pen tap] friendly, and quite fond of my company.

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These creatures are rather [pause] sweet, if prolific.

Wasn't someone looking for a hairpin? I found a rather nice one. I managed to get all the rust off, but one of the tines is bent. [Have a quick sketch of Kagerou's hairpin]

[A slight pause as she tries to decide which name to put]

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That [pause] could not have been merely a dream. I refuse to believe it was--that all those people, and that city, were just a part of something I dreamed up.

My true name--or part of it at least, it seems [pause] somewhat incomplete--is Romana. [Pause, pen taps] I will still answer to 'Fred,' if people feel more comfortable calling me by that name.

I see Juliet is alright. Innovator, are you also [pen taps] well?


[Written a few minutes later, after flipping back through her journal a bit]

Boss. If you come anywhere near me, I may have to hurt you.
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This morning I realized I had lost count of the days, somehow.

As of six days ago, the 19th of this month, I have been living in Edensphere for six months. Half a year. 26 weeks. [pen taps.] Perhaps I should not go on.

It seems strange to think I have been here this long.

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It seems a few days have passed since I was last [pause] here. Has anything especially noteworthy happened?

[Pen taps. Several words are started and scribbled out quickly.]

I see the dreams have returned again.


[Added a few minutes later]
Rogue, are you... alright?

[ooc: Fred was reborn earlier today, but hasn't written in her journal until now. If any of her roommates/Spamily wanted to be waiting outside the Hall for her, idk, just say so in your comment or something.]
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I believe that, though I somehow managed to avoid becoming a faerie, I will not be able to work in the Scavengers' Yard until this [pen taps] outfit goes away.

[A pause]

Do the names Gallifrey or Rassilon mean anything to anyone, besides myself?

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[The writing is almost a caricature of her normal penmanship; the loops are too big, the angles aren't sharp enough, the overall effect is... interesting.]

I see I am not the only one to have woken up little. Everything is so much bigger, suddenly; I need a chair to reach the kitchen counter. I think I need new clothes, too.

Since I rather think the new length of my legs will make running away difficult, perhaps I should not go to work until I am big again [pen taps] unless someone wants to go with me?

Otherwise I might explore the Wilderness instead. I will need someone to come with me for that, too.


[Added a little later.] 00, Pinky, Innovator--I am over at Genius' and Derrick's house. Sorry I didn't say earlier; I have been here a few days.

[I'll be replying to any comments with [livejournal.com profile] prydonian_child. Fred is... I guess she looks in about the 8 - 10 range. Let's say 10.]
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After spending my day running around like a maniac, I end up in jail. I would very much like to know how Youth tapping me on the shoulder made me arrive here, but I suppose that explanation will have to wait a bit. Of course, I rather doubt I will ever find out the trick behind it, Edensphere being what it is. My best guess would be some sort of teleport [pen taps] though that isn't quite the right word.

I gave breakfast a miss and did not have time to stop for lunch. I don't suppose someone would be willing to bring me a sandwich?

I would settle for a jailbreak, if the sandwich is too much trouble.


Does anyone else feel that being in prison is strangely, horribly familiar?


By the by, has anyone seen Pinky? She did not come home last night, and she was not there this morning when I woke.

[[ooc: the strikes are scratched out almost right away, but you can read it if you squint.]]
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[The words are shaky and a little sloppy, written rather hastily.]

Assistance would be greatly appreciated; I am lost in the Wilderness, currently in [small pause] some sort of swamp. It is quite eerie, but a little better than the areas with lava and fire.

It is not the least bit pleasant, especially with all these [long pause] I really don't like this place, it's decidedly creepy.



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