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What did I Does anyone know I just

[A pause before she starts writing again.]

I don't suppose anyone saw me this morning in the marketplace? I cannot seem to recall my actions there, but I must have done something. I have a bruise on my arm that was not there before.

...please tell me I didn't do anything completely mad.

[ooc- What she isn't saying is that she woke up in her room with her shirt off. Lol. Words crossed out are still readable.

If your character wants to have run into 'her', 'she' was probably either freaking out about 'her' superfast heartbeat, or acting generally boy-ish.]
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Thank goodness that is over with. Despite the fact that I grew rather accustomed to the creatures, I have never been so pleased to be able to run a comb through my own hair.

Is the mistletoe still affecting people? I have been careful to completely avoid it.
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Dear Edensphere.

Thank you so much for~~~~

for randomly terrifying me. That was wonderful, let's do it again quite soon.

And I do not appreci~~~~~~~~~

I really do not k~~~~~~

Kindly stop mocking my perfectly justified dislike of snakes. This is~~~~~~

I really hate this place.

No love,


[added a few minutes later]

By-the-by, does anyone recognize this thing?

[ooc- Her writing is a little shaky, and randomly trails off into ink blots. Her hair has turned into snakes for 5 days, and they keep on hissing at her and startling her. Oh, and she's currently hiding under her bed. PLEASE DISREGARD THE FACT THAT THE DALEK WAS DRAWN ON LINED PAPER. I drew it so well I didn't want to risk redrawing it.]
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I've been thinking about the last strange entry. The one with the sparkles, not the one with only colors. It told us to look for an apple. It specified only one.

Wasn't there someone in Edensphere by that name? He commented on my journal once. He mentioned that he had wings, and advised me as to the best time to buy fresh fruit and milk. Does anyone think the mysterious entry in the journals could have been talking about him?

Roswell-- are you free this evening? I would like to come over to your place to discuss your proposition.
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Did anyone else wake to find their things rifled through or missing? What few things I own are all out of order.

A small shiny box I found in the Scavenger's Yard has gone missing as well. I think it was some kind of lighter, but I couldn't work out how to open it or how it functioned.

As if that wasn't a strange enough start to my day, I woke to find myself dressed differently yet again. This outfit is much less conservative than my last one, but at least it's clean and not bloodstained.

((ooc: ETA, Fred found, and is now missing, a zippo lighter.))
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That was most unexpected. My journal nearly tore a hole in my pocket when it was briefly [pentaps] transmogrified into a small stone creature. I take it this happened throughout Edensphere and not just to me?
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Something rather odd happened to me this morning. Did anyone else wake up dressed in strange clothing? I suppose this outfit is acceptable, though I am not fond of the color. At least the skirt is a reasonable length, and not ridiculously short.

I am pleased to be able to say that I have a job now--I am a Scavenger. If you should need to find me, I will most likely be on the fifth floor.


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