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Hmm, so the flavors are back... and they change each time they appear, it would seem. Interesting. This is much better than coffee, familiar... but I do not know what this taste is called.

[A few pen taps.]

An interesting coincidence that the unicorns decided to return on the same day.


[ooc: Fred tastes like a lemon jelly baby today. XD]
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[Words appear slowly. Writing is very precise, though proper punctuation and such isn't being bothered with.]

hes gone
theyre gone
theyre not here
I cant find him them they arent anywhere hes gone theyre gone Ive looked all over edensphere I cant find him them him


I dont
I cant
Im so tired of
Im tired


I dont want to
theres no
hoping against without in spite of

[Long pause]



why did he leave [pause] again
[Something scribbled out; the words 'cruel' and 'happened before' can be seen.]

this is too familiar

it hurts

[ooc- Due to a combination of nightmares, sleeping badly because of said nightmares, Roswell and Storm being MIA, and her ferret poofing, Fred has snapped juuuuust a bit. She's been running around all day looking for Roswell and Storm, and is currently lost in the Wilderness somewhere, completely exhausted and rather hungry. Also pinging hard for the Doctor leaving all the damn time >:( ]

[As of 11/17, this entry has been COMPLETELY INKED OVER. Nothing can be read any longer, though it's a bit late of Fred to try and hide her flip-out. The comments have been left untouched.

If you still want your character to reply as if he or she had seen the words, feel free.]
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Something rather odd happened to me this morning. Did anyone else wake up dressed in strange clothing? I suppose this outfit is acceptable, though I am not fond of the color. At least the skirt is a reasonable length, and not ridiculously short.

I am pleased to be able to say that I have a job now--I am a Scavenger. If you should need to find me, I will most likely be on the fifth floor.


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