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It seems a few days have passed since I was last [pause] here. Has anything especially noteworthy happened?

[Pen taps. Several words are started and scribbled out quickly.]

I see the dreams have returned again.


[Added a few minutes later]
Rogue, are you... alright?

[ooc: Fred was reborn earlier today, but hasn't written in her journal until now. If any of her roommates/Spamily wanted to be waiting outside the Hall for her, idk, just say so in your comment or something.]
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[The words are shaky and a little sloppy, written rather hastily.]

Assistance would be greatly appreciated; I am lost in the Wilderness, currently in [small pause] some sort of swamp. It is quite eerie, but a little better than the areas with lava and fire.

It is not the least bit pleasant, especially with all these [long pause] I really don't like this place, it's decidedly creepy.

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I found something in the Wilderness that seems impossible, even for this place. I believe I may be the only person in Edensphere familiar with these pepperpot-like robots, so how was I able to find a toy version of one in one of the stores? For that matter, who would make this thing into a toy in the first place? It is not as though it is an attractive robot, I cannot see why anyone would ever want to play with it.

This finding is hardly worthy of a song!


[ooc: Fred found a toy Dalek (but not the other two figures) in Toys R Us. Lol.]
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Has anyone else been having difficulty with their chairs? Mine start singing and moving about whenever I try to sit in them.

On a different note, does anyone know if the buffet that is currently occupying the Wilderness only consists of Earth food? I will get round to exploring it properly myself soon, I was just curious if anyone had discovered food that is obviously not from Earth.

[A slight pause]

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It has taken a few days to make this place livable, but if anyone would like a place to stay other than Temporary Housing or the Wilderness, I am willing to offer it. My house in Section Three has two rooms and a living area that are perfectly sound with only a little smoke damage; I probably have room for about seven people besides myself, if some people do not mind sleeping on the floor. Otherwise, I have three beds and a couch.

The only thing I was not able to shift is a large tree branch that broke through the roof in the bathroom area; the bathroom looks like it will be pretty well useless until someone has the time to fix it.

I have a dog and hopefully temporarily a rather talkative ferret, so if you're allergic you may not wish to sleep here.

Also, whenever Roswell returns he is, of course, entitled to a bed, as the house truly belongs to him. So I wish to hear no complaints on that front.

Finally, my apologies for anything my ferret has stolen or ruined in the past few days. I am trying to get him to stop that, but he doesn't seem willing to listen to me at all.

[ooc: She has a ferret (which she has named 'Last') with the personality of the 10th Doctor, so he is stealing shiny tech-y stuff and trying to tinker with it/pull it apart/destroy it/improve it. If you want to say he stole something, go for it! He also likes to chase Timcampi around when she's helping Steel with paperwork in the Clinic, lol]

[As of now, she has Pinky, Innovator, and 00 coming to live at her house. OPERATION COLLECT THE MECHAS IS A GO.]
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So that everyone is informed:

I would not recommend going down to the Wilderness until it changes once again. Unless you feel you simply must go sunbathing; in that case, I would recommend taking someone you know, like, and trust [pause, a few pen taps] a great deal.

Also, please take care not to get lost there--rescue would be extremely embarrassing, for everyone involved.
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I've been thinking about the last strange entry. The one with the sparkles, not the one with only colors. It told us to look for an apple. It specified only one.

Wasn't there someone in Edensphere by that name? He commented on my journal once. He mentioned that he had wings, and advised me as to the best time to buy fresh fruit and milk. Does anyone think the mysterious entry in the journals could have been talking about him?

Roswell-- are you free this evening? I would like to come over to your place to discuss your proposition.
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Something rather odd happened to me this morning. Did anyone else wake up dressed in strange clothing? I suppose this outfit is acceptable, though I am not fond of the color. At least the skirt is a reasonable length, and not ridiculously short.

I am pleased to be able to say that I have a job now--I am a Scavenger. If you should need to find me, I will most likely be on the fifth floor.
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Hello, I suppose.

I am really not sure what is going on in this 'Edensphere' place; I just arrived yesterday. Sky told me that whatever I write in this journal can be seen by everyone, so I'm trying it out.

Does everyone go through that disgusting goo-cocoon birth process? I don't know anything at all about this place.

An introduction would probably be in order about now--my name is Fred. If anyone has any pointers or advice about this place for me, I would love to talk to you. Actually, I would love to talk to anyone at all.

((The writing is a decent copperplate, not too fancy. For the first few sentences the letters appear slowly, as if Fred is not used to writing in this language, but she soon gets the hang of it and writes more quickly.))


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