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Displays from so many different Earth countries--this is an odd place. It is certainly interesting enough, though the giant [pause, a few taps] golf ball adorning one of the buildings is a bit much.

If anyone happens to spot a small black and brown dog running about, his name is Aven. I would appreciate his safe return; he managed to get loose from his collar while in China.

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I appear to have acquired a few new pets. Two little birds were in my room when I woke today, and they have flown after me wherever I went in Edensphere. They're rather sweet, and they sing constantly--which is nice to listen to while I search in the Scavenger's Yard.

Does anyone know what this sort of bird eats?
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I've been thinking about the last strange entry. The one with the sparkles, not the one with only colors. It told us to look for an apple. It specified only one.

Wasn't there someone in Edensphere by that name? He commented on my journal once. He mentioned that he had wings, and advised me as to the best time to buy fresh fruit and milk. Does anyone think the mysterious entry in the journals could have been talking about him?

Roswell-- are you free this evening? I would like to come over to your place to discuss your proposition.
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Hello, I suppose.

I am really not sure what is going on in this 'Edensphere' place; I just arrived yesterday. Sky told me that whatever I write in this journal can be seen by everyone, so I'm trying it out.

Does everyone go through that disgusting goo-cocoon birth process? I don't know anything at all about this place.

An introduction would probably be in order about now--my name is Fred. If anyone has any pointers or advice about this place for me, I would love to talk to you. Actually, I would love to talk to anyone at all.

((The writing is a decent copperplate, not too fancy. For the first few sentences the letters appear slowly, as if Fred is not used to writing in this language, but she soon gets the hang of it and writes more quickly.))


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