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This is becoming intolerable. I do not require padding to leave my house; nor do I require warnings for sharp objects, food, or beverages. If I am expected to put up with this for the remainder of this week, I may very well scream.

And to whomever is scribbling 'EXTERMINATE' everywhere, I would greatly appreciate it if you stopped. Immediately.

[Pen taps.]

Gai. I forgot to ask earlier, what with everything that happened. Did the toaster I helped you to find work, or did you need another?

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This morning I realized I had lost count of the days, somehow.

As of six days ago, the 19th of this month, I have been living in Edensphere for six months. Half a year. 26 weeks. [pen taps.] Perhaps I should not go on.

It seems strange to think I have been here this long.

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Has anyone else been having difficulty with their chairs? Mine start singing and moving about whenever I try to sit in them.

On a different note, does anyone know if the buffet that is currently occupying the Wilderness only consists of Earth food? I will get round to exploring it properly myself soon, I was just curious if anyone had discovered food that is obviously not from Earth.

[A slight pause]

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Whoever gives out these things, I would really prefer you not putting them in my food next time. You made me frighten my dog.

[Several pen taps.]

How common is it to receive memories that are not your own?

And does anyone know anything about giant robot-ships? Possibly to be used in battle.
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[ooc: The words appear slowly. She just woke up from Juliet's attack; her left arm is still injured and painful, enough so that she can't really do much. If there's paperwork that needs doing or something... idek.]

[Things struck through are completely blacked out immediately after being written.]

Handmaiden, thank you for everything. I am sorry for I [pause] hope I was not too much trouble.

Is there anything I can help with? I am probably not of much use to anyone right now, but I do not want to be forced to sit here with nothing to do but worry.

[Long pause]

Perhaps this is not the best place or time to be asking, but has anyone heard anything about the condition of either Roswell or Storm? I have seen no word from either of them.
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[ooc: This entry appears shortly after noon, Sphere-time]

[Blood is streaked across the page as she writes.]

Someone stop her, I think she's going to attack the Tree. She is armed, and might not be in her right mind. [Pause] Make that definitely not in her right mind.

I need help. I do not think I will make it to Medical Island without assistance.

My location:

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Please hurry. [Large drop of blood.]

[ooc: Handmaiden will be coming to help her, so don't worry about organizing rescue efforts.]
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So that everyone is informed:

I would not recommend going down to the Wilderness until it changes once again. Unless you feel you simply must go sunbathing; in that case, I would recommend taking someone you know, like, and trust [pause, a few pen taps] a great deal.

Also, please take care not to get lost there--rescue would be extremely embarrassing, for everyone involved.
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Dear Edensphere.

Thank you so much for~~~~

for randomly terrifying me. That was wonderful, let's do it again quite soon.

And I do not appreci~~~~~~~~~

I really do not k~~~~~~

Kindly stop mocking my perfectly justified dislike of snakes. This is~~~~~~

I really hate this place.

No love,


[added a few minutes later]

By-the-by, does anyone recognize this thing?

[ooc- Her writing is a little shaky, and randomly trails off into ink blots. Her hair has turned into snakes for 5 days, and they keep on hissing at her and startling her. Oh, and she's currently hiding under her bed. PLEASE DISREGARD THE FACT THAT THE DALEK WAS DRAWN ON LINED PAPER. I drew it so well I didn't want to risk redrawing it.]
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Did anyone else wake to find their things rifled through or missing? What few things I own are all out of order.

A small shiny box I found in the Scavenger's Yard has gone missing as well. I think it was some kind of lighter, but I couldn't work out how to open it or how it functioned.

As if that wasn't a strange enough start to my day, I woke to find myself dressed differently yet again. This outfit is much less conservative than my last one, but at least it's clean and not bloodstained.

((ooc: ETA, Fred found, and is now missing, a zippo lighter.))
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Hello, I suppose.

I am really not sure what is going on in this 'Edensphere' place; I just arrived yesterday. Sky told me that whatever I write in this journal can be seen by everyone, so I'm trying it out.

Does everyone go through that disgusting goo-cocoon birth process? I don't know anything at all about this place.

An introduction would probably be in order about now--my name is Fred. If anyone has any pointers or advice about this place for me, I would love to talk to you. Actually, I would love to talk to anyone at all.

((The writing is a decent copperplate, not too fancy. For the first few sentences the letters appear slowly, as if Fred is not used to writing in this language, but she soon gets the hang of it and writes more quickly.))


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