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Because I am all about bandwagons. And being fashionably late at hopping on them. OKAY. Now that I've figured out wtf I'm doing with this, if you feel that your character needs to be on here, go ahead and comment.

ALSO. I now have some videos embedded where Gallifrey is talked about and shown a bit, if anyone was interested in listening/seeing it. Also, David Tennant has a fantastic voice :3

Last update: 4/21/10 )
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Fred frowned to herself as she got out the kettle. She had just come back from her morning run with Gai, and it was shaping up to be a windy day. That was better than rain, at least, but she wondered if she should take a pullover down to the Yard.

The white openings still bothered her, and she took the time to muse on them as she filled the kettle and set it on the stove. What could they be? A way out, or the way to another world? For all that Bridge had warned the Scavengers not to go through them, and the fact that nothing could be seen on the other side, she still wanted to know. She had held off, her curiosity tempered by the knowledge that if they were something dangerous, not only would her friends never forgive her for dying (again), but they would likely start following her everywhere. There were enough of them that they could just casually tag along wherever she went. Not to mention how sad another death would make all of them. She didn't want to put
them through that, anymore than she wanted babysitters.

With a sigh, she opened the cupboard where they kept the tea. For some reason, the box had been placed higher on the shelf than usual. Frowning once more, she pulled over a chair so she could reach it.

Hopping down again, she set the box on the counter as she replaced the chair. Walking back to the counter, she flipped open the lid of the box--and stopped, staring. Nestled in the box, still surrounded by the other tea bags, was something she hadn't seen in quite some time. The glowing crystal surrounded by rings of metal was as familiar as ever, though.

With trembling fingers, she picked it out of the box. Turning it over between her hands, she licked her lips, took a deep breath, and slid her fingers between the rings until the tip of her middle finger brushed up against the stone's cool surface, and plunged her into darkness.

Memory )


Fred came back to herself to hear the kettle shrieking. She removed it quickly, hoping it hadn't bothered 00 or Composer, then moved toward the table to sit. Her movements, however, were awkward and slow. She looked down--she appeared to have some sort of costume on, one that completely encased her entire body, with far more fabric than was really necessary. She turned awkwardly, and moved to sit on the couch.

What in Rassilon's name was she supposed to make of that?
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Across both wrists are deep cuts; the blood drips down in thin streams across her palms toward her fingers.

On her back, there are several cuts that look like stab wounds; the knife is still in one of them, and blood drips down her back from all of them. Blood will show through her clothing, corresponding with the stab wounds.

Around her throat is a collar/chain made of tiny seals of Rassilon.

ETA: Over her stomach, just under her belly button (yes Time Lords have them dagnabbit) is a circle that's been broken in half, dark blue in color. It shows through her clothing.


-Her wrists are slashed because she technically committed suicide, killing her first self
-Stab wounds are because she betrayed her best friend, banishing him for eternity to another dimension (for the good of the universe, but details)
-The collar is because she went back to Gallifrey and became the President--kiiiind of shaky ground for a 'sin' here, but she betrayed who she was, in a sense.
-The broken circle is for premarital sex.
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I HOPE THAT MAKES EVEN A LITTLE SENSE. I'll take another look at it in the morning--/looks out her window.

I mean, after I've had sleep.
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[Forward dated slightly to Saturday, May 22, late morning ES time.]

After dropping Aven off in the Section 4 house Innovator had been given, Fred had gone back to their old Section 3 abode to try and find a few last things. They weren't very important, just a few bits and pieces she had found in the Scavengers' Yard, but she would have liked to find them all the same.

Unlocking the front door, Fred picked her way carefully through the living area to reach her room door, avoiding the junk strewn hither and thither across the floor. She frowned. "This place is a bloody shambles. I don't remember leaving it this much of a mess..." Well, at least if the ants had destroyed everything, she would have less to worry about moving. She was confident she could find similar things in almost no time at all; maybe she should just leave, and go offer to help out with the rebuilding.

As she turned to go, she saw light glint weakly off something half-buried in the bed. Curious, she turned back and went over to investigate.

A memory crystal. She reached out, carefully touching one of the metal rings with a finger. Not for the first time, she wondered how the things ended up in half the places people reported finding them... and this was the second one she had discovered in her bed. Very strange indeed.

Fred hesitated for a few seconds, but... the last crystal she had received had been so informative. This one might answer more questions as well. That was most likely far too much to hope for, but hoping for the best was all she could really do.

She slipped her fingers past the rings, and gently touched the crystal.

Memory )

{ooc: For the next three days, Fred will find that every so often a soothing voice will sing at her.}

{Sound/smell memory crystal from season 18, episode 3 (episode 112 overall)- Full Circle, part I.}
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Because Fey is nosy I like bandwagons, as I've said before XD

Nov. 21-24, 2009 )

March 2010, non-sequential days )
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Fred found that she was standing in some sort of half-lit corridor )

(Fred received this memory crystal for completing puzzles in the Myst Wilderness. There is no punishment.)

(Sight/Taste memory crystal from season 17, episode 5 [episode 108 overall]- Horns of Nimon, part I.)
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Fred felt no pain when the scythe first cut into her arm, just a dull sort of surprise. )

Context for this memory can be found in this log. BACKDATED to Oct. 27. This was not actually a memory given by a crystal.

(Sight/sound memory from season 17, episode 2 [episode 105 overall]- City of Death, part ?.)
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She was standing in some sort of control room )

(Sight/Touch memory crystal from season 17, episode 1 [episode 104 overall]- Destiny of the Daleks, part II.)


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