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I suppose the only thing that can be said for this particular outfit is that it covers up everything important. [Pen taps.] And that it would most likely make wonderful compost. I am not at all certain how it is staying together, actually.

[Another pen tap, then she decides that's all she wanted to say.]


[[ooc: She's currently dressed like Poison Ivy. The outfit is staying on with Sphere magic, I guess.]]
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[The writing is a touch messy and hastily done--someone's kind of annoyed.]

That man was most unpleasant. Whoever it is who is in charge of the journalmakers needs to have a talk with this fellow--he absolutely refused-- [Inksplatter where she pressed the pen into the page too hard, followed by a pause while she finds a new pen.] to answer any of my questions!

[A slight pause and then the writing resumes, more composedly now.]

I do hope I was not gone too terribly long. Is everyone alright?

I seem to have a number of small luminescent insects following me about, perhaps fifteen of them. They're actually quite pretty; if this is the latest thing the Tree is doing, at least it is interesting and not too terribly dangerous.

[Another slight pause.]

Key, I should like to speak with you at some point soon. I saw something [Pentap.]

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[This appears in the late afternoon.

There is a splash of something that looks suspiciously like tea or weak coffee.]

Castle, Genius is over here right now. Something seems wrong with him; I think he may be [pause, pen taps] ill.

Did you notice anything strange about him this morning?

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[The writing is small, and very delicate, in modified all caps.]



[[ooc: replies will be made after I get back from work!]]
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Whomever has been following me intermittently the past few days, your comments are irritating, highly distracting, and entirely unwarranted.

[Pen taps.] And do please stop rating my [pause] performance in the shower.
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My garb appears to be composed entirely of raw meat.

[Pen taps]

I certainly hope this does not last very long. Aside from the fact that it will very soon start to smell rather horrible, I can well imagine animals will be following me about the Sphere for as long as I am forced to wear it. Aven certainly likes doing so.

That aside, did anyone else become plastered with bits of sticky paper that have 'Hi! My name is' along with varied [pause] occasionally quite rude name suggestions today?

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[This entry appears late morning. The writing is shaky and somewhat less bold than usual, as though she isn't pressing her pen into the page very firmly.]

Bridge, I am afraid I do not feel very well at all; I shall be absent from the Yard today and perhaps a few more days as well. I am not entirely sure at this time.

Youth, my apologies for not showing up at our training session this morning; I shall have to make it up later, I suppose.

Bastet, as things stand I will be unable to collect from the current Wilderness, sorry for giving you such short notice.

[Pause] Genius, would you mind stopping by at some point today?

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Displays from so many different Earth countries--this is an odd place. It is certainly interesting enough, though the giant [pause, a few taps] golf ball adorning one of the buildings is a bit much.

If anyone happens to spot a small black and brown dog running about, his name is Aven. I would appreciate his safe return; he managed to get loose from his collar while in China.

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That [pause] could not have been merely a dream. I refuse to believe it was--that all those people, and that city, were just a part of something I dreamed up.

My true name--or part of it at least, it seems [pause] somewhat incomplete--is Romana. [Pause, pen taps] I will still answer to 'Fred,' if people feel more comfortable calling me by that name.

I see Juliet is alright. Innovator, are you also [pen taps] well?


[Written a few minutes later, after flipping back through her journal a bit]

Boss. If you come anywhere near me, I may have to hurt you.
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This Wilderness is most interesting.

Do the words 'follow the yellow brick road' mean anything to anyone? There don't seem to be any rabbit holes... strange.


[Strikes are scribbled out after a moment, still visible if you squint.

What's left unsaid... she's down there alone. Yes, she knows she's lost. But it's cold enough in the normal part of the 'Sphere that even Time Lords can feel it. Being lost in the Wilderness is better than freezing, since she doesn't exactly have a proper coat XD]
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[The handwriting is crabbed and a bit spiky, but still perfectly legible--though that could be because Fred is making an effort to write somewhat slowly. Doctor handwriting, lol.]

My apologies for startling you this morning, Pinky.

At least I can still go to work in this new body [pause for self pings], and being taller is certainly nice [pen taps] though I can honestly say I had never thought my name would ever truly match my gender.

I would like to apologize in advance, in case anyone is struck colourblind as a result of catching a glimpse of the coat I am wearing.


[ooc: Fred is now in the body of the 6th Doctor. Replies to any comments will be made with [livejournal.com profile] lucky_cat_pin

Edit: To hear what 'she' now sounds like, go here! Because funny songs are always appropriate.]
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[The writing is almost a caricature of her normal penmanship; the loops are too big, the angles aren't sharp enough, the overall effect is... interesting.]

I see I am not the only one to have woken up little. Everything is so much bigger, suddenly; I need a chair to reach the kitchen counter. I think I need new clothes, too.

Since I rather think the new length of my legs will make running away difficult, perhaps I should not go to work until I am big again [pen taps] unless someone wants to go with me?

Otherwise I might explore the Wilderness instead. I will need someone to come with me for that, too.


[Added a little later.] 00, Pinky, Innovator--I am over at Genius' and Derrick's house. Sorry I didn't say earlier; I have been here a few days.

[I'll be replying to any comments with [livejournal.com profile] prydonian_child. Fred is... I guess she looks in about the 8 - 10 range. Let's say 10.]
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Two questions:

One. Why is there a mythical creature standing in my living room?

Two. Why does it back away from me whenever I get near it? It is very odd; I only want to take a closer look at it, but every time I try it seems rather terrified of me.


[Added a few minutes later.]

I see that I am not the only resident to be [pen taps] graced with the presence of one of these.

((ooc: the unicorn in question belongs to 00.))
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[The following is sketched slowly over several minutes; she's taking her time, trying to get all the details exactly right. The following sentences are scribbled here and there over the page, as though she's writing them down absently as she thinks of them. They are then inked over to the point of illegibility almost right away.]

What are these things?
They seem like enemies... were we some sort of rebels, or...?
Were they the enemies of my people as well? In that case, which side was in the right?
That planet... it seems important. To him? Or perhaps me as well.
I wonder if we were at war.
I wonder who won.

[ooc: She got Storm's dream, and is just trying to put the pieces together when she takes the dream and her memory into account.
Disclaimer: I didn't draw this Dalek, I don't know who did. It's not mine.]
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That was [pause] disturbing? Enlightening? Strange? All of the above, perhaps.

In any case... my nightmares are usually slightly more frighting than that. That seemed like something out of a book... rockets and tea parties and even large cold-blooded carnivorous lizards. And usually I recognize everyone in them rather than just half. Most odd.


How would you start a war with a typewriter anyway? It makes very little sense. Not that dreams ever do.

Raise, I was rather curious about something, but it is not important.

[ooc: Fred got Dash's second dream the first night. She will have Storm's dream, Rook's dream, and Alchemy's second dream, in that order.

The strikes are crossed out after a few minutes, as if she wasn't sure she should have written those things, but the words are still legible.]
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[Words appear slowly. Writing is very precise, though proper punctuation and such isn't being bothered with.]

hes gone
theyre gone
theyre not here
I cant find him them they arent anywhere hes gone theyre gone Ive looked all over edensphere I cant find him them him


I dont
I cant
Im so tired of
Im tired


I dont want to
theres no
hoping against without in spite of

[Long pause]



why did he leave [pause] again
[Something scribbled out; the words 'cruel' and 'happened before' can be seen.]

this is too familiar

it hurts

[ooc- Due to a combination of nightmares, sleeping badly because of said nightmares, Roswell and Storm being MIA, and her ferret poofing, Fred has snapped juuuuust a bit. She's been running around all day looking for Roswell and Storm, and is currently lost in the Wilderness somewhere, completely exhausted and rather hungry. Also pinging hard for the Doctor leaving all the damn time >:( ]

[As of 11/17, this entry has been COMPLETELY INKED OVER. Nothing can be read any longer, though it's a bit late of Fred to try and hide her flip-out. The comments have been left untouched.

If you still want your character to reply as if he or she had seen the words, feel free.]
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What did I Does anyone know I just

[A pause before she starts writing again.]

I don't suppose anyone saw me this morning in the marketplace? I cannot seem to recall my actions there, but I must have done something. I have a bruise on my arm that was not there before.

...please tell me I didn't do anything completely mad.

[ooc- What she isn't saying is that she woke up in her room with her shirt off. Lol. Words crossed out are still readable.

If your character wants to have run into 'her', 'she' was probably either freaking out about 'her' superfast heartbeat, or acting generally boy-ish.]


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