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That [pause] could not have been merely a dream. I refuse to believe it was--that all those people, and that city, were just a part of something I dreamed up.

My true name--or part of it at least, it seems [pause] somewhat incomplete--is Romana. [Pause, pen taps] I will still answer to 'Fred,' if people feel more comfortable calling me by that name.

I see Juliet is alright. Innovator, are you also [pen taps] well?


[Written a few minutes later, after flipping back through her journal a bit]

Boss. If you come anywhere near me, I may have to hurt you.
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This morning I realized I had lost count of the days, somehow.

As of six days ago, the 19th of this month, I have been living in Edensphere for six months. Half a year. 26 weeks. [pen taps.] Perhaps I should not go on.

It seems strange to think I have been here this long.

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Despite the current [pen taps] difficulties with the journals, I feel I must ask. Does anyone know where Pinky might be? This would be the third night she has not come home; it seems unlike her to not leave a note at least. [Pause, a few pen taps] I have not seen Stigmata in some time either. Any information about the whereabouts of either one would be appreciated.

[Another pause, and just when it seems she isn't going to write anymore:]

Gene. I should like to speak to you, in person, at your earliest convenience.


[ooc: Fred is unaffected, so everyone should be able to read this. Whether she can read your reply is another matter entirely...]


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