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[The following is sketched slowly over several minutes; she's taking her time, trying to get all the details exactly right. The following sentences are scribbled here and there over the page, as though she's writing them down absently as she thinks of them. They are then inked over to the point of illegibility almost right away.]

What are these things?
They seem like enemies... were we some sort of rebels, or...?
Were they the enemies of my people as well? In that case, which side was in the right?
That planet... it seems important. To him? Or perhaps me as well.
I wonder if we were at war.
I wonder who won.

[ooc: She got Storm's dream, and is just trying to put the pieces together when she takes the dream and her memory into account.
Disclaimer: I didn't draw this Dalek, I don't know who did. It's not mine.]
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That was [pause] disturbing? Enlightening? Strange? All of the above, perhaps.

In any case... my nightmares are usually slightly more frighting than that. That seemed like something out of a book... rockets and tea parties and even large cold-blooded carnivorous lizards. And usually I recognize everyone in them rather than just half. Most odd.


How would you start a war with a typewriter anyway? It makes very little sense. Not that dreams ever do.

Raise, I was rather curious about something, but it is not important.

[ooc: Fred got Dash's second dream the first night. She will have Storm's dream, Rook's dream, and Alchemy's second dream, in that order.

The strikes are crossed out after a few minutes, as if she wasn't sure she should have written those things, but the words are still legible.]
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What did I Does anyone know I just

[A pause before she starts writing again.]

I don't suppose anyone saw me this morning in the marketplace? I cannot seem to recall my actions there, but I must have done something. I have a bruise on my arm that was not there before.

...please tell me I didn't do anything completely mad.

[ooc- What she isn't saying is that she woke up in her room with her shirt off. Lol. Words crossed out are still readable.

If your character wants to have run into 'her', 'she' was probably either freaking out about 'her' superfast heartbeat, or acting generally boy-ish.]


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