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Displays from so many different Earth countries--this is an odd place. It is certainly interesting enough, though the giant [pause, a few taps] golf ball adorning one of the buildings is a bit much.

If anyone happens to spot a small black and brown dog running about, his name is Aven. I would appreciate his safe return; he managed to get loose from his collar while in China.

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How very unusual.

Innovator, the packing is taking longer than I anticipated; please do not think I have forgotten your offer. My new [pen taps] 'pet' keeps distracting me.

If anyone happens to see a large Womprat trailing after me, please do not attempt to scare it away. It seems oddly [pen tap, pen tap] friendly, and quite fond of my company.

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I found something in the Wilderness that seems impossible, even for this place. I believe I may be the only person in Edensphere familiar with these pepperpot-like robots, so how was I able to find a toy version of one in one of the stores? For that matter, who would make this thing into a toy in the first place? It is not as though it is an attractive robot, I cannot see why anyone would ever want to play with it.

This finding is hardly worthy of a song!


[ooc: Fred found a toy Dalek (but not the other two figures) in Toys R Us. Lol.]
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It has taken a few days to make this place livable, but if anyone would like a place to stay other than Temporary Housing or the Wilderness, I am willing to offer it. My house in Section Three has two rooms and a living area that are perfectly sound with only a little smoke damage; I probably have room for about seven people besides myself, if some people do not mind sleeping on the floor. Otherwise, I have three beds and a couch.

The only thing I was not able to shift is a large tree branch that broke through the roof in the bathroom area; the bathroom looks like it will be pretty well useless until someone has the time to fix it.

I have a dog and hopefully temporarily a rather talkative ferret, so if you're allergic you may not wish to sleep here.

Also, whenever Roswell returns he is, of course, entitled to a bed, as the house truly belongs to him. So I wish to hear no complaints on that front.

Finally, my apologies for anything my ferret has stolen or ruined in the past few days. I am trying to get him to stop that, but he doesn't seem willing to listen to me at all.

[ooc: She has a ferret (which she has named 'Last') with the personality of the 10th Doctor, so he is stealing shiny tech-y stuff and trying to tinker with it/pull it apart/destroy it/improve it. If you want to say he stole something, go for it! He also likes to chase Timcampi around when she's helping Steel with paperwork in the Clinic, lol]

[As of now, she has Pinky, Innovator, and 00 coming to live at her house. OPERATION COLLECT THE MECHAS IS A GO.]
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Whoever gives out these things, I would really prefer you not putting them in my food next time. You made me frighten my dog.

[Several pen taps.]

How common is it to receive memories that are not your own?

And does anyone know anything about giant robot-ships? Possibly to be used in battle.
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I appear to have acquired a few new pets. Two little birds were in my room when I woke today, and they have flown after me wherever I went in Edensphere. They're rather sweet, and they sing constantly--which is nice to listen to while I search in the Scavenger's Yard.

Does anyone know what this sort of bird eats?


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