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[There are a few pentaps, and the pen rests on the page long enough to form a tiny pool of ink before Fred's writing starts.]

I do not think I shall ever get the sand completely out of my hair.

Has anything particularly interesting happened while I have been [another pentap or so] napping? And did everyone come through February alright? I confess I was somewhat preoccupied with an [pause] issue of my own, and was quite distracted toward the end.
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Despite the current [pen taps] difficulties with the journals, I feel I must ask. Does anyone know where Pinky might be? This would be the third night she has not come home; it seems unlike her to not leave a note at least. [Pause, a few pen taps] I have not seen Stigmata in some time either. Any information about the whereabouts of either one would be appreciated.

[Another pause, and just when it seems she isn't going to write anymore:]

Gene. I should like to speak to you, in person, at your earliest convenience.


[ooc: Fred is unaffected, so everyone should be able to read this. Whether she can read your reply is another matter entirely...]
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After spending my day running around like a maniac, I end up in jail. I would very much like to know how Youth tapping me on the shoulder made me arrive here, but I suppose that explanation will have to wait a bit. Of course, I rather doubt I will ever find out the trick behind it, Edensphere being what it is. My best guess would be some sort of teleport [pen taps] though that isn't quite the right word.

I gave breakfast a miss and did not have time to stop for lunch. I don't suppose someone would be willing to bring me a sandwich?

I would settle for a jailbreak, if the sandwich is too much trouble.


Does anyone else feel that being in prison is strangely, horribly familiar?


By the by, has anyone seen Pinky? She did not come home last night, and she was not there this morning when I woke.

[[ooc: the strikes are scratched out almost right away, but you can read it if you squint.]]
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It has taken a few days to make this place livable, but if anyone would like a place to stay other than Temporary Housing or the Wilderness, I am willing to offer it. My house in Section Three has two rooms and a living area that are perfectly sound with only a little smoke damage; I probably have room for about seven people besides myself, if some people do not mind sleeping on the floor. Otherwise, I have three beds and a couch.

The only thing I was not able to shift is a large tree branch that broke through the roof in the bathroom area; the bathroom looks like it will be pretty well useless until someone has the time to fix it.

I have a dog and hopefully temporarily a rather talkative ferret, so if you're allergic you may not wish to sleep here.

Also, whenever Roswell returns he is, of course, entitled to a bed, as the house truly belongs to him. So I wish to hear no complaints on that front.

Finally, my apologies for anything my ferret has stolen or ruined in the past few days. I am trying to get him to stop that, but he doesn't seem willing to listen to me at all.

[ooc: She has a ferret (which she has named 'Last') with the personality of the 10th Doctor, so he is stealing shiny tech-y stuff and trying to tinker with it/pull it apart/destroy it/improve it. If you want to say he stole something, go for it! He also likes to chase Timcampi around when she's helping Steel with paperwork in the Clinic, lol]

[As of now, she has Pinky, Innovator, and 00 coming to live at her house. OPERATION COLLECT THE MECHAS IS A GO.]


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