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Has anyone seen Youth about? He was not there at the usual time to go running with me this morning.

Youth, if you see this, kindly respond.

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I suppose it is [pen taps] somewhat appropriate that my birthday be marked by a resurgence in these troublesome things; I did manage to evade being struck by rubber balls today, though it was a near thing once or twice.

Thank you for the cake, Composer, it was quite good.

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Whomever tied my shoelaces into a knot this morning, it was not appreciated. Kindly do not enter my room without permission again.

[Pen taps]

Rogue, are you about?

[Slight pause]

Is everyone else [very small pause] alright?

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These creatures are rather [pause] sweet, if prolific.

Wasn't someone looking for a hairpin? I found a rather nice one. I managed to get all the rust off, but one of the tines is bent. [Have a quick sketch of Kagerou's hairpin]

[A slight pause as she tries to decide which name to put]

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This Wilderness is most interesting.

Do the words 'follow the yellow brick road' mean anything to anyone? There don't seem to be any rabbit holes... strange.


[Strikes are scribbled out after a moment, still visible if you squint.

What's left unsaid... she's down there alone. Yes, she knows she's lost. But it's cold enough in the normal part of the 'Sphere that even Time Lords can feel it. Being lost in the Wilderness is better than freezing, since she doesn't exactly have a proper coat XD]
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It seems a few days have passed since I was last [pause] here. Has anything especially noteworthy happened?

[Pen taps. Several words are started and scribbled out quickly.]

I see the dreams have returned again.


[Added a few minutes later]
Rogue, are you... alright?

[ooc: Fred was reborn earlier today, but hasn't written in her journal until now. If any of her roommates/Spamily wanted to be waiting outside the Hall for her, idk, just say so in your comment or something.]
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My apologies over the delay, Rabbit, Gene.

Would sometime in the next day or so be an acceptable time to have the [pen taps] 'dates' I spoke about with each of you previously?

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I believe that, though I somehow managed to avoid becoming a faerie, I will not be able to work in the Scavengers' Yard until this [pen taps] outfit goes away.

[A pause]

Do the names Gallifrey or Rassilon mean anything to anyone, besides myself?



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