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Displays from so many different Earth countries--this is an odd place. It is certainly interesting enough, though the giant [pause, a few taps] golf ball adorning one of the buildings is a bit much.

If anyone happens to spot a small black and brown dog running about, his name is Aven. I would appreciate his safe return; he managed to get loose from his collar while in China.

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[The words are shaky and a little sloppy, written rather hastily.]

Assistance would be greatly appreciated; I am lost in the Wilderness, currently in [small pause] some sort of swamp. It is quite eerie, but a little better than the areas with lava and fire.

It is not the least bit pleasant, especially with all these [long pause] I really don't like this place, it's decidedly creepy.

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I found something in the Wilderness that seems impossible, even for this place. I believe I may be the only person in Edensphere familiar with these pepperpot-like robots, so how was I able to find a toy version of one in one of the stores? For that matter, who would make this thing into a toy in the first place? It is not as though it is an attractive robot, I cannot see why anyone would ever want to play with it.

This finding is hardly worthy of a song!


[ooc: Fred found a toy Dalek (but not the other two figures) in Toys R Us. Lol.]
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Has anyone else been having difficulty with their chairs? Mine start singing and moving about whenever I try to sit in them.

On a different note, does anyone know if the buffet that is currently occupying the Wilderness only consists of Earth food? I will get round to exploring it properly myself soon, I was just curious if anyone had discovered food that is obviously not from Earth.

[A slight pause]

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[Words appear slowly. Writing is very precise, though proper punctuation and such isn't being bothered with.]

hes gone
theyre gone
theyre not here
I cant find him them they arent anywhere hes gone theyre gone Ive looked all over edensphere I cant find him them him


I dont
I cant
Im so tired of
Im tired


I dont want to
theres no
hoping against without in spite of

[Long pause]



why did he leave [pause] again
[Something scribbled out; the words 'cruel' and 'happened before' can be seen.]

this is too familiar

it hurts

[ooc- Due to a combination of nightmares, sleeping badly because of said nightmares, Roswell and Storm being MIA, and her ferret poofing, Fred has snapped juuuuust a bit. She's been running around all day looking for Roswell and Storm, and is currently lost in the Wilderness somewhere, completely exhausted and rather hungry. Also pinging hard for the Doctor leaving all the damn time >:( ]

[As of 11/17, this entry has been COMPLETELY INKED OVER. Nothing can be read any longer, though it's a bit late of Fred to try and hide her flip-out. The comments have been left untouched.

If you still want your character to reply as if he or she had seen the words, feel free.]
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So that everyone is informed:

I would not recommend going down to the Wilderness until it changes once again. Unless you feel you simply must go sunbathing; in that case, I would recommend taking someone you know, like, and trust [pause, a few pen taps] a great deal.

Also, please take care not to get lost there--rescue would be extremely embarrassing, for everyone involved.


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