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[Her writing is rushed, a little bigger than she would normally write, in her haste to get the words down on the page.]

What the bloody hell happened while I was away?

[A slight pause, and her next writing is almost calm.]

Precisely how long have I been away?


[ooc: I'm assuming 00 was asleep when Fred got home.]
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Whomever tied my shoelaces into a knot this morning, it was not appreciated. Kindly do not enter my room without permission again.

[Pen taps]

Rogue, are you about?

[Slight pause]

Is everyone else [very small pause] alright?

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That [pause] could not have been merely a dream. I refuse to believe it was--that all those people, and that city, were just a part of something I dreamed up.

My true name--or part of it at least, it seems [pause] somewhat incomplete--is Romana. [Pause, pen taps] I will still answer to 'Fred,' if people feel more comfortable calling me by that name.

I see Juliet is alright. Innovator, are you also [pen taps] well?


[Written a few minutes later, after flipping back through her journal a bit]

Boss. If you come anywhere near me, I may have to hurt you.
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After spending my day running around like a maniac, I end up in jail. I would very much like to know how Youth tapping me on the shoulder made me arrive here, but I suppose that explanation will have to wait a bit. Of course, I rather doubt I will ever find out the trick behind it, Edensphere being what it is. My best guess would be some sort of teleport [pen taps] though that isn't quite the right word.

I gave breakfast a miss and did not have time to stop for lunch. I don't suppose someone would be willing to bring me a sandwich?

I would settle for a jailbreak, if the sandwich is too much trouble.


Does anyone else feel that being in prison is strangely, horribly familiar?


By the by, has anyone seen Pinky? She did not come home last night, and she was not there this morning when I woke.

[[ooc: the strikes are scratched out almost right away, but you can read it if you squint.]]
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Has anyone else been having difficulty with their chairs? Mine start singing and moving about whenever I try to sit in them.

On a different note, does anyone know if the buffet that is currently occupying the Wilderness only consists of Earth food? I will get round to exploring it properly myself soon, I was just curious if anyone had discovered food that is obviously not from Earth.

[A slight pause]

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That was [pause] disturbing? Enlightening? Strange? All of the above, perhaps.

In any case... my nightmares are usually slightly more frighting than that. That seemed like something out of a book... rockets and tea parties and even large cold-blooded carnivorous lizards. And usually I recognize everyone in them rather than just half. Most odd.


How would you start a war with a typewriter anyway? It makes very little sense. Not that dreams ever do.

Raise, I was rather curious about something, but it is not important.

[ooc: Fred got Dash's second dream the first night. She will have Storm's dream, Rook's dream, and Alchemy's second dream, in that order.

The strikes are crossed out after a few minutes, as if she wasn't sure she should have written those things, but the words are still legible.]
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Whoever gives out these things, I would really prefer you not putting them in my food next time. You made me frighten my dog.

[Several pen taps.]

How common is it to receive memories that are not your own?

And does anyone know anything about giant robot-ships? Possibly to be used in battle.
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What did I Does anyone know I just

[A pause before she starts writing again.]

I don't suppose anyone saw me this morning in the marketplace? I cannot seem to recall my actions there, but I must have done something. I have a bruise on my arm that was not there before.

...please tell me I didn't do anything completely mad.

[ooc- What she isn't saying is that she woke up in her room with her shirt off. Lol. Words crossed out are still readable.

If your character wants to have run into 'her', 'she' was probably either freaking out about 'her' superfast heartbeat, or acting generally boy-ish.]
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I've been thinking about the last strange entry. The one with the sparkles, not the one with only colors. It told us to look for an apple. It specified only one.

Wasn't there someone in Edensphere by that name? He commented on my journal once. He mentioned that he had wings, and advised me as to the best time to buy fresh fruit and milk. Does anyone think the mysterious entry in the journals could have been talking about him?

Roswell-- are you free this evening? I would like to come over to your place to discuss your proposition.


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